Evangelism Life exists primarily to provide affordable resources for Australians.
We do this through printing gospel tracts and retailing sound Christian books and DVDs.

Evangelism Life was set up in Australia in July 2009 (originally called One Million Tracts Australia).

We desire to see labourers raised up in Australia, who will fulfil the great commission, to “Go into all the world” with a biblical gospel message that is the power of God to salvation.

If you’re interested in offering a helping hand in anyway, please¬†email us, we would love to hear from you.

Why should you give out tracts? Here are 10 reasons:

  • They are a very economical form of evangelism
  • They work while we sleep
  • They have the ability to get into a house and stay there
  • They are never afraid or show cowardice
  • They are never tempted to compromise their message
  • They never get tired, discouraged or give up
  • They stick to what they have to say and never argue
  • They can present the message when you don’t have time
  • They can go to places where we cannot
  • They get people in the mood & they only speak when they are read

When giving out tracts don’t ask, “Would you like one of these?” They will probably just say “No”, or “What is it?”

Instead ask, “Did you get one of these?” That makes the person feel that they are missing out on something, and it also stirs up curiosity. Try it…it really works!

If you know the person, ask for their opinion of the tract’s content. If you are too shy to give out tracts, mail them when paying bills or just leave them where they will be found.

Many people have been saved through tracts, including the great missionary Hudson Taylor.
Make tracts a habit for life!


Why does Evangelism Life exists?

We have a two-fold mission.
To train Christians how to proclaim the gospel to the lost and to provide biblical resources and evangelism materials.

We do the first by holding training days and providing evangelism training resources to teach people the biblical principles for witnessing.
And the second by making available various biblical resources from both overseas and locally.
By making international products available locally we can save you heaps in postage. Also by importing/printing resources in bulk we can reduce the cost of each unit so everyone can benefit.

Where do the profits go from Evangelism Life?

Assuming Evangelism Life one day actually makes a profit, it would go straight back into providing further resources for you. Obviously we have to cover basic overheads like internet, hosting, SSLs, domains and other charges, but otherwise if we ever do make a profit, it will be used to further the gospel Down Under.

In the future we would love to employ someone to focus on the training and education side of the ministry, however at this stage no one gets paid. All work is done on a voluntary basis to keep overheads to a minimum and prices affordable.