Is faith just wishful thinking?

How is it that during life shattering trials and events we are able to remain joyful and full of faith? What is Faith and why are we able to have such faith? Many mockers of Christianity have tried to teach that faith is the opposite of confidence and knowledge, but they are 100% wrong. Faith is trust in what is certain & knowable.

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20,000 EvG DVDs arrive

After 6 months of organisation our delivery of Evolution vs God DVDs arrived, all 20,000 of them. After a lot of sweat unloading 1200kg from the truck manually, they are now ready for ordering.

They come in boxes of 280, each weighing 16kg. We only need 53 more people to buy a box and they’ll be all out.

If you have an evangelism group or local church that would be interested in ordering a box, please contact us, or order online.

Could you distribute a flyer to the churches in your local area? We will design and print the flyers, if you could just help us get them out.

EvG Photo Boxes EvG Photo DVDs

Retrospect with Ray Comfort

Great interview with Ray Comfort

Don’t be afraid to share your faith

Many people go overseas on mission trips, but back home do very little evangelism. Why is this? Why is it easier to witness in a strange land, but not in our own neighbourhood? Do you need to repent of the fear of man or for not trusting God?

Preview from The Way of the Master, Season 4 episode “Timisoara,” which was filmed in Romania.

Contending for the Faith

Conference: Holy Epidemic 2007
Length: 49 mins
Preacher: John Wayne Legg

Contending for the Faith is not just arguing with unbelievers

Multi-Lingual Evangelism Resources

If you have people who don’t speak english as their first language you may find these websites useful.
They have resources from Living Waters and other sources translated into many different languages.

Answers to Christianity

The Good Test – Free A4 Gospel Tract

This gospel tract can be printed out on to standard A4 paper.

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The Good Test – Free Gospel Tract

This gospel tract is ready for professional printing. Simply send the pdf to a professional printer to have it printed in bulk quantities.

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Carols by Candlelight – Free Gospel Tract

This free gospel tract can be downloaded and printed for handing out at Christmas carol events.

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Are you a 100% Certain – Free Gospel Tract

This gospel tract can be freely downloaded and printed on to an double-sided A4 piece of paper.

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