“180” Baby Replica

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This realistic, life-size scale model (2.5 inches) of a 12-week-old preborn baby is ideal for dispelling the notion that a first-trimester baby is simply a “bunch of cells.” This is not a lightweight plastic model, but is made of solid resin that has “weight” to it, adding to its authenticity, and is hand-painted for further realism. This model can be used in educational settings, as well as outside of abortion clinics. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a “180” Baby is worth a thousand pictures!

“We used one of those this Saturday at Planned Parenthood and shared the gospel with this professor named Dave. We showed him this 12-week baby and he could not deny that it was human! Praise God for these models!”¬†Caroline Pilgrim


180 Baby Replica

Comes protected in this plastic tube padded with cotten wool.

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