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Holy Epidemic

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Audio Format: MP3
Conference: Holy Epidemic 2007
Theme: Contending for the Faith
Speaker: John Legg, Josh Williamson, Jóse Muniz
Duration: 6.6 hours

This download contains all sessions from the 2007 Holy Epidemic Conference in MP3 format.

Nine fully loaded messages that will get you equipped in biblical street evangelism and contending for the Faith.

A must see for all those serious about street evangelism.

  • #01: Contending for the faith in the age of apostasy (J. Legg)
  • #02: Talking with God (J. Muniz)
  • #03: The ultimate standard pt1 (J. Legg)
  • #04: Preaching the Gospel in the age of apostasy (J. Williamson)
  • #05: The ultimate standard pt2 (J. Legg)
  • #06: The very word of God (J. Muniz)
  • #07: Open discussion on false conversion (John, Jóse)
  • #08: Living hardcore (J. Muniz)
  • #09: Questions and Answers (John, Josh, Jóse)

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