Exalted Worship – So Great A Salvation (CD)

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Contains a huge 39 audio tracks (19 Songs)


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Contains a huge 39 audio tracks (19 Songs) As a diamond shines more brightly against a black cloth, so God’s grace is most amazing when it is seen against the backdrop of our sinfulness. Getting low before God is not easy. “Exalted Worship” labors to bring us there. And when we are brought low before the throne, He is lifted higher and we are made infinitely amazed at so great a salvation. This CD tells a story that has been told many, many times. Historically when Christians assembled for sacred worship, an “order of service” would be followed. An invocation would formally begin the worship in the name of the Triune God. Immediately, confession would be made. Upon focusing on the redemptive work of Jesus, thanks and praise would be offered. Normally a sermon would focus on the Word and then the congregation would be dismissed with a benediction. We have followed that format on “Exalted Worship” (without the sermon part). While you can certainly sing these songs in any order, we encourage you to experience this CD as it follows a classical format for worship. Download Lyrics here…

  • Entering the presence of a holy God.
  • An extended time of self-abasement, confessing our sinful state.
  • Highlighting the atonement that Jesus made available.
  • Thanks and praise for redeeming us.

We hope you enjoy “Exalted Worship.” Special introduction by John MacArthur Music and Vocals: Scott Krippayne Recitation Vocals: Kirk Cameron

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