Hell’s Best Kept Secret (DVD)

Living Waters / Way of the Master

“Ray Comfort forever changed my approach to sharing the gospel.”


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(38 minutes, Basic Training Course version)

RON DICIANNI: “Ray Comfort forever changed my approach to sharing the gospel.”

TOM GRINNER, Gateway Broadcasting: “This is the hottest message on the planet!”

PASTOR REB BRADLEY: “It will revolutionize the Church.”

PASTOR WAYNE WELBORN: “The best thing I have ever heard!”

PASTOR KEN ARMSTRONG: “I began to weep as I saw the importance of this message.”

PASTOR JEROD MCPHERSON: “‘Hell’s Best Kept Secret’ has completely destroyed my theology. What was first anger toward you caused me to search the Scripture, and has now turned to a sincere thank-you.”

SCOTT WILSON, KY: “Today I listened to ‘Hell’s Best Kept Secret’ for the first time. It changed the way I look at everything. I was blind to it until today.”

PASTOR CHRIS STOCKWELL: “I listened to [the audio of] ‘Hell’s Best Kept Secret’ 250 times!”

TOM ELLIFF, Past-president of the Southern Baptist Convention: “‘Hell’s Best Kept Secret’ is a message every congregation needs to hear.”

EVANGELIST LARRY TAYLOR: “After a thousand revivals and area crusades, I have used a lot of soul-winning materials. “Hell’s Best Kept Secret” is the greatest single tool I have ever found.”

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