Impostors in our Midst (DVD)

Holy Epidemic


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WARNING! THIS DVD MAY OFFEND. WE ARE NOT KIDDING! *THE PASTOR AND MOST OF THE ELDERSHIP OF THE CHURCH IN WHICH JOHN LEGG PREACHED THIS MESSAGE WERE APPARENTLY VERY OFFENDED, CLAIMING THAT WHAT JOHN PRESENTED WAS UNBIBLICAL. SINCE THEN WE’VE HAD VARIOUS CHRISTIAN LEADERS REVIEW THE DVD FOOTAGE, AND SAY IT IS A GOOD, THEOLOGICALLY SOUND, SERMON. *Please note: we have been unable to clarify the offence. John attempted to contact the Pastor by both email and phone, but all contact went unanswered. Imagine this: You’re seated half way towards the back of a large church building. It’s your first time there, and you’ve been invited to preach. The 600+ crowd is filling the auditorium. As you stand to sing you notice something very strange. Normally, when everyone stands, you see Bibles scattered over the vacant seats; but not tonight. You strain your head in every direction, but all you can see is three Bibles in this church; your own, and those belonging to the guests attending with you. It’s now time to preach, but before you begin your message you decide to encourage the congregation to bring their Bibles to church. As you do so, a group of people in the front section to your right begin laughing at the encouragement to bring Bibles to church. What would you say in response? Watch this message and you will see what John said and understand how it fuelled him for the rest of the message. By the way, you might find this more interesting when you realize the “laughing section” in the front was where the Pastor and leaders sat! “This message is a must see”Pastor Lionel Letcher “I wish I had preached it”Jon Speed In a fresh and innovative approach, John Legg addresses the often neglected Biblical teaching of false conversion. This DVD: We’ve even put an MP3 version of the message on the DVD, which you are welcome to transfer to other media devices or copy to give away. Although this message is protected by copyright laws, we give you full permission to duplicate the DVD (in its entirety) to give to family and friends.

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