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“Jesus Alone is Good”. Message by Mark Spence. Format: Mp4. Size: 760 MB.

The skeptic’s objection goes like this: “You Christians say God is good and all-powerful. However, if He was good He would want to deal with the problem of evil. If He was all-powerful He would be able to deal with the evil in the world. The problem is evil still exists. Therefore, either the Christian God is too weak to combat evil or He is too sinister to care or more probable, the Christian God simply does not exist.” — We will examine the truth together.

Speaker Bio:
Mark Spence is the Dean of Students for the Living Waters’ online School of Biblical Evangelism. He served for a number of years as an assistant pastor in Southern California. He has served as the Head of the Calvary Chapel Bible College and the School of Discipleship in Yorba Linda, CA. Mark is a dynamic communicator and a gifted expositor of God’s Word with a passion to equip Christians for effective personal evangelism for the glory of God. He currently resides in Southern California with his wife Laura and their five children.


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