Million Dollar Gospel of John

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This unique, conveniently sized Gospel of John uses a very eye-catching cover to stir curiosity. Designed after our best-selling gospel tract, with over 60 million in print, it’s a sure way to get the world’s attention. This creative approach makes it easy to share the gospel and conveys a message far more valuable than a mere one million dollars: how to find the riches of everlasting life.

Includes a gospel presentation as well as “The Uniqueness of Jesus”—a 14-page summary of Jesus’ unprecedented words and unparalleled works, to help readers believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and find life in His name.

Ideal for personal witnessing, church outreach, and evangelism events.

If you’re a normal Christian, you continually have a battle with the fear of man. Just the thought of giving out gospel tracts terrifies you—because you’re afraid of rejection. If that’s you, say goodbye to that tormenting fear, because this publication is so unique and so fascinating no one is going to reject it. That why we have called The Million Dollar Gospel of John “the fear of man terminator.” Think of it—if someone offered you what really looks like a bundle of 100 million dollar bills, wouldn’t you take it? If you saw it lying somewhere, wouldn’t you pick it up?


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