The Last Ride

Mark Cahill

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Time is on the move. It is galloping by at an amazing speed. What is of utmost importance to you as the seconds keep on ticking by?

The Last Ride is my latest realistic novel that is filled with solid truth and will take you on a journey through biblical history before arriving in the 21st century. The adventure will make you think about how life on earth has progressed and how it will end.

We cover many topics — the sanctity of life, Islam, syncretism, the preservation of truth, the heart of God, persecution of the Jews, the hand of God moving through all of history, the gospel, influences pressing down on the family, homosexuality, false teachings in the visible church, fulfilment of prophecy, the foundations of worship, the problem of sin, world events, and the seven churches of the Book of Revelation — done in a way that makes for a very quick read.

I wrote this book for one main reason: It is a wake-up call to the church. It is a wake-up call to every born-again Christian. It is a wake-up call that leaves us so alert that none of us will ever hit the snooze button again. The time is now to make our stand. No more waiting. No more looking for others around you to do it. Your time is now. My time is now. No more excuses.

The final curtain call is coming. Are you ready, and are you getting others ready, for The Last Ride?

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