The Most Important Question of All Time

Mark Cahill


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Single Booklet

Since we’ve received so much feedback from all of you about the One Second After You . . . and The Second Greatest Lie Ever Told booklets, we decided to write one more! I am so excited about this one because I only had one goal in mind when I wrote it: I wanted it to glorify Jesus and nothing less!

There are so many lies out there about who Jesus is, and that bothered me enough to write something about it (to clear up that confusion). This booklet is loaded with quotes from John Lennon, Elton John, Presidents, Muhammad Ali, Albert Einstein, and more expressing their opinions about who they believe Jesus to be. Why are there so many diverse opinions about Jesus? See how the facts can convince even the toughest of skeptics. Then we walk the reader right to the Biblical Jesus, to His cross, and to the resurrection. By the end, they will know without a doubt who is the real Jesus!

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