The Mystery

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Paperback | 219 pages | Ray Comfort | Take a sneak peek inside.

This novel has great evangelistic potential, as it points readers to the mystery of “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” Fiction is a great way to get the biblical gospel into the hands of the lost.

From the cover:
Based on historical events, this fast-moving novel will take you through the terrors of Nazi Germany, the conquest of the Normandy invasion, the rebellion of the ’60s, LSD, Martin Luther King, and the Kennedy assassination.

These turbulent times have raised many questions, the answers of which are brought to light through the life of one man. As a young boy Jeremiah Adamson was intrigued to hear of a “mystery kept secret since the world began.” Haunted by this enigma throughout his life, it would be decades before he would discover its meaning. Follow the gripping story of this courageous American as he fights for the French Resistance in this inspiring novel of two wars, two continents…one extraordinary secret: the mystery!

Have you discovered the mystery?

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“I must say that I don’t read novels, but this book’s story line is gripping. I read it in a day. It is really good. I need to purchase another copy because the one I read, I gave away. This is a great adventure story that I highly recommend.”

“This will keep you reading until you are finished then you will want to start over again. The title says it all and will keep you wanting to know more…”

“Jerry’s story draws you in from the very beginning and it covers so many decades you feel as though you have traveled back in time! Parts of this were hard to read because of the history that man has of hurting his own. But the end of the book is also a glorious beginning!”

“This book has been an easy read with a profound message. A joy to finish, seeing how great is our God! To know our Jesus is to love Him more and more. Thank you Ray Comfort, for telling this story.”

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