Trending Hot Issues DVD Gift Set

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Eight of our most popular films, bundled with a humorous presentation band. Ideal for gift-giving occasions.

The text on the band says, “Trending Hot Issues. Films on controversial topics designed to stir up meaningful conversations on important issues (and give a biblical perspective).” This gift set is packaged so that at a glance they know these movies will deal with hot button issues (to avoid any sense of bait-and-switch), but the amusing cow design on the presentation band lets them also know this isn’t a battlefield, but a friendly look at important relevant subjects that are constantly trending in our social media feeds. Each movie addresses a critical worldview subject and presents the gospel in a compelling way. Topics covered include: Abortion, homosexuality, atheism, suicide, pop stars, and evolution. Individually, hundreds of thousands of these DVDs have been shared and they’ve had several million views on YouTube.

Gift set includes:

  • 180 (abortion)
  • Audacity (homosexuality)
  • The Atheist Delusion (atheism)
  • Evolution vs. God (evolution)
  • EXIT (suicide)
  • Genius (pop-stars)
  • Noah (last days)
  • 7 Reasons (abortion)


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