Firm in Faith

Over the past few years I have seen and talked to people who have struggled in one of two ways: One is that they feel compelled to DO things (witnessing, devotions etc) not out of wanting to magnify God, but out of a mentality of keeping God happy with them, Not because they’re grateful, but because they're afraid of backsliding or losing their salvation. The other is a feeling of condemnation where every day they are living under the fear of being condemned by God because they've failed somehow.

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Thy Word – Ps 119:105

If scripture is inspired by God, and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and training us in righteousness, then it would seem to me that neglecting the scriptures will render us: untaught, untested, uncorrected, and without training in righteousness. And we all know what children are like who are untaught, uncorrected, and left with no training in right behaviour.

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Is faith just wishful thinking?

How is it that during life shattering trials and events we are able to remain joyful and full of faith? What is Faith and why are we able to have such faith? Many mockers of Christianity have tried to teach that faith is the opposite of confidence and knowledge, but they are 100% wrong. Faith is trust in what is certain & knowable.

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Contending for the Faith

Conference: Holy Epidemic 2007
Length: 49 mins
Preacher: John Wayne Legg

Contending for the Faith is not just arguing with unbelievers

Obedience – Holy Epidemic Conference 2008

Conference: Holy Epidemic 2008
Length: 53 mins
Preacher: Lionel Letcher

Obedience is better than sacrifice.

Sometimes we get so busy we forget about what God actually tells us to do.

Combating easy believism

Conference: Holy Epidemic 2008
Length: 52 mins
Preacher: Jon Speed

There is a popular belief out there that becoming a Christian is easy; just pray this prayer.

And although salvation is simple, it isn’t necessarily easy.

True Discipleship – A Call to Preach

Conference: Holy Epidemic 2009
Length: 57 mins
Preacher: Lionel Letcher

What does it mean to disciple and are we missing something?

Was Jesus really all about Love?

Conference: Holy Epidemic 2008
Length: 42 mins
Preacher: John Wayne Legg

All the modern church seems to talk about this days is God’s love. But was Jesus really all about love?

Impostors in our Midst – Full Video

This message has ruffled many feathers over the years, so hold on to yours carefully as you watch.

Some context: Picture this: You are seated part way towards the back of this rather large church. This is your first time preaching here. There are about 600+ people in the room. As you stand up to sing you start to notice there is something very strange. You can’t see any Bibles scattered over the vacant seats like normal. You strain your head in every direction, but the only Bibles you can see are your own, and your two guests.

Now as you begin your message you decide to give some encouragement to the congregation by suggesting they bring their Bibles to church. But when you say this, a group of people in the front section to your right begin to laugh at this encouragement. What would you say in response? Listen to this message and you will see what John said and understand how it set the tone for the rest of the message.

What’s more disturbing though, is the “laughing section” in the front was where the Pastor and leaders sat!

In a fresh and innovative approach, John Legg addresses the often neglected Biblical teaching of false conversion.

The Mechanics (pt2) – Holy Epidemic Conference 2006

Conference: Holy Epidemic 2006
Length: 74 mins

The Mechanics (Part 2)

Learn what resources you can use when out on the street and how to use them. These sessions are packed to the brim with useful information to implement when out on the street. Continue reading

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