Team Building and Maintaining – H.E.C. 2006

Conference: Holy Epidemic 2006
Length: 55 mins

Learn how to build and maintain a street evangelism team BIBLICALLY. Using principles in the bible to ensure that God is alway at the center of our teams, and learn how to grow and manage a team. Continue reading

The Message (pt2) & Mechanics (pt1) – H.E.C. 2006

Conference: Holy Epidemic 2006
Length: 79 mins

The Message (part 2)

What is Repentance and is it essential for salvation. What does it mean biblically to believe or trust in Jesus Christ. When should we share God’s love and talk about Heaven? All these answers plus more are dealt with in these two sessions. Continue reading

The Message (pt 1) – Holy Epidemic 2006

Conference: Holy Epidemic 2006
Length: 77 mins

What is the actual message we need to be proclaiming? Continue reading

29 Characteristics of an open air preaching – H.E.C ’06

Conference: Holy Epidemic 2006
Length: 65 mins

In this video John goes through a list of characteristics that everyone street evangelising should have or at least be striving towards. Continue reading

The Case – Holy Epidemic Conference 2006

Conference: Holy Epidemic 2006
Length: 62 mins

This is not to be perceived as a defence of Street Evangelism or Open Air Preaching for that matter, but rather it is just stating the Case. Continue reading

How To Effectively Use the Law

One of the most difficult things about sharing our faith is beginning a conversation. This is probably the number one reason most of us chicken out when it comes to sharing with the unsaved. This teaching looks closely at how Jesus opened a conversation. These are timeless principles that really do work. Listen carefully, then experiment for yourself and you will see that God hasn't left us without instruction in this most important task we have before us.

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10 Cannons of God’s Law – Video

Ray Comfort teaches about the use of God’s law in evangelism. Many today have discarded the law and it’s rightful use of bringing a knowledge of sin.
This message is also known as “Hell’s Best Kept Secret”.

True & False Conversion – Must Listen

This teaching is foundational, and goes hand in hand with Hell's Best Kept Secret. It is very important that you understand it, as it will have great bearing on how you spend your time, and how you share the principles of God's Word.

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Hell’s Best Kept Secret – Must Listen

Why do 80-90% of those making a decision for Christ fall away from the faith? What is the principle that Spurgeon, Wesley, Whitefield, etc., used to reach the lost? Why has the Church neglected it? Don’t let anything stop you from listening to this incredible teaching.


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Hell’s Best Kept Secret Transcript


Want to preach it at your church?

Hell’s Best Kept Secret Powerpoint

Also available for purchase in DVD & CD format

  Hell's Best Kept SecretHells Best & True False  Hell's Best Kept Secret CD

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