Impostors in our Midst – Full Video

This message has ruffled many feathers over the years, so hold on to yours carefully as you watch.

Some context: Picture this: You are seated part way towards the back of this rather large church. This is your first time preaching here. There are about 600+ people in the room. As you stand up to sing you start to notice there is something very strange. You can’t see any Bibles scattered over the vacant seats like normal. You strain your head in every direction, but the only Bibles you can see are your own, and your two guests.

Now as you begin your message you decide to give some encouragement to the congregation by suggesting they bring their Bibles to church. But when you say this, a group of people in the front section to your right begin to laugh at this encouragement. What would you say in response? Listen to this message and you will see what John said and understand how it set the tone for the rest of the message.

What’s more disturbing though, is the “laughing section” in the front was where the Pastor and leaders sat!

In a fresh and innovative approach, John Legg addresses the often neglected Biblical teaching of false conversion.

The Mechanics (pt2) – Holy Epidemic Conference 2006

Conference: Holy Epidemic 2006
Length: 74 mins

The Mechanics (Part 2)

Learn what resources you can use when out on the street and how to use them. These sessions are packed to the brim with useful information to implement when out on the street. Continue reading

Team Building and Maintaining – H.E.C. 2006

Conference: Holy Epidemic 2006
Length: 55 mins

Learn how to build and maintain a street evangelism team BIBLICALLY. Using principles in the bible to ensure that God is alway at the center of our teams, and learn how to grow and manage a team. Continue reading

The Message (pt2) & Mechanics (pt1) – H.E.C. 2006

Conference: Holy Epidemic 2006
Length: 79 mins

The Message (part 2)

What is Repentance and is it essential for salvation. What does it mean biblically to believe or trust in Jesus Christ. When should we share God’s love and talk about Heaven? All these answers plus more are dealt with in these two sessions. Continue reading

The Message (pt 1) – Holy Epidemic 2006

Conference: Holy Epidemic 2006
Length: 77 mins

What is the actual message we need to be proclaiming? Continue reading

29 Characteristics of an open air preaching – H.E.C ’06

Conference: Holy Epidemic 2006
Length: 65 mins

In this video John goes through a list of characteristics that everyone street evangelising should have or at least be striving towards. Continue reading

The Case – Holy Epidemic Conference 2006

Conference: Holy Epidemic 2006
Length: 62 mins

This is not to be perceived as a defence of Street Evangelism or Open Air Preaching for that matter, but rather it is just stating the Case. Continue reading

The Adventures of Roman and Jorge: Episode 1 (Full +HD)

So a guy is walking off a cliff…

Lifelong friends become bungling partners in an adventure toward deeper Christianity that you won’t soon forget. After the gangly, socially-awkward Roman decides to actually put into practice some teaching he heard on evangelism, comedy ensues as his street-wise, church-going, co-worker, Jorge, tries to get him to settle down and stop taking the Bible so literally. Amidst the laughs, the serious moments will surprise you with their depth. So if you’ve ever thrown your family to the ground to avoid Jehovah’s Witnesses at your door or been heckled by a ventriloquist and his dummy . . . this series is for you!

Celebrity Intelligence Test – Video

Can you name that Celebrity? What do the most famous stars in the world believe about God?

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10 Cannons of God’s Law – Video

Ray Comfort teaches about the use of God’s law in evangelism. Many today have discarded the law and it’s rightful use of bringing a knowledge of sin.
This message is also known as “Hell’s Best Kept Secret”.

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