Door Knocking Tools

The following forms are for door knocking.

The first form is the Introduction Script. Print this form and Slice it into several “intro” scripts. You may wish to purchase a extra-long clipboards and glue the script to the bottom of the clipboard. Practice saying the script several times in order for it to sound natural. The script is only for those who may not be as confident starting a conversation.

The Second form is the survey. Print this form and use it door-to-door, or use it on the street in one-to-one witnessing. The survey is based around Way of The Master’s teachings. You will find that it really helps those who are just beginning in personal witnessing.

The third form is the Door-Knocking Tracking Sheet. Print this form and use it to keep a clear record of each of the doors that you knock on. Afterwards, the data collected from this sheet can help with returning to the houses of those who were not present.

If you try the door knocking forms, please send us a report regarding your progress.