Darwin’s Evolution – a very unatural selection (DVD)

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Meet some well published Scientists who do believe Genesis is the real History of the world

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Run Time: 55mins Suit teens and above Rated G DISCOVERED Real change without evolution. PROVABLE Extinction no help to evolution. OBSERVABLE Natural selection eliminates. “The continuing Darwin on the Rocks Project.” 55 min DVD, (suitable for teens+). Darwin’s “Origin of the Species by means of Natural Selection” was published 150 years ago this November. Now from the Creation Research Team worldwide comes our latest documentary “Darwin’s Evolution – A Very Unnatural Selection. Filmed in High Definition and Widescreen, this ground breaking programme enables you to see Charles Darwin’s theories and those of his promoters for the impoverished and unnatural concepts they truly are. But the documentary is more than that – it’s been filmed around the globe to help you see that the genius of God as Creator is everywhere. Meet some well published Scientists who do believe Genesis is the real History of the world. See the evolutionists’ claim that ‘no real scientists believe the biblical record’ exposed for the lie it has always been, and discover that such scientists were never brainwashed by a religious education to accept creation. Their testimonies will encourage you and challenge you. “BE AMAZED BY THE EVIDENCE DOWN UNDER – Australia and New Zealand are chock full of surprising evidence in support of Biblical Creation – see and hear it first hand from our Creation Research Team who have been out to collect and record it.”

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