Firm in Faith

Over the past few years I have seen and talked to people who have struggled in one of two ways: One is that they feel compelled to DO things (witnessing, devotions etc) not out of wanting to magnify God, but out of a mentality of keeping God happy with them, Not because they’re grateful, but because they're afraid of backsliding or losing their salvation. The other is a feeling of condemnation where every day they are living under the fear of being condemned by God because they've failed somehow.

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Thy Word – Ps 119:105

If scripture is inspired by God, and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and training us in righteousness, then it would seem to me that neglecting the scriptures will render us: untaught, untested, uncorrected, and without training in righteousness. And we all know what children are like who are untaught, uncorrected, and left with no training in right behaviour.

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Getting the gospel to the feds

A couple of months ago a bunch of generous supporters funded a project to get the 180 DVD to our federal politicians.
Last month we were able to finally send them out, 226 in total.
With all the federal politicians away from Canberra for a number of weeks now is a great time to pray that they would sit down and watch the DVD.

A few official responses have returned to us so far with thanks for the DVD, the second of which was from the Deputy leader of the opposition, the Hon Julie Bishop.


Response from Senator Scott Ryan:
Thank you for the copy of 180 movie.
I appreciate you taking the time to make your views known to me.
Thank you once again for your interest on this issue.

Response from Julie Bishop’s office:
On behalf of the Hon Jolie Bishop thank you for your correspondence and copy of the DVD.
These will be brought to Ms Bishop’s attention.
Kind Regards

Response from Sen Helen Kroger:
Thank you for your recent letter in which you enclosed a copy of the film 180 U-Turn. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. At my first opportunity I will have a closer look.
Thank you again for taking the time to write to me.
Kind Regards, Helen Kroger

Response from Sen John Faulkner
Thank you for your letter… and for the enclosed DVD, 180.
I can assure you that I will watch this film with interest.
Yours sincerely.

Response from Hon Alby Schultz MP
Thankyou for the courtesy of forwarding me the DVD on the serious social issue of abortion.
I appreciate the concern and the spirit with which it was sent.
Yours sincerely.

Response from Hon Warren Truss MP
Thank you for sending me a copy of the DVD 180. Although I have not yet had the opportunity to view the DVD I look forward to doing so when time permits.
I understand that it is a Christian based DVD which provides strong reasons for people to oppose abortion. I personally agree that the life of an unborn child is precious and I have never supported abortion on demand.
I appreciate that you have taken the time to send me the DVD
Your sincerely

Response from the Office of the Hon Tony Abbott MHR
Thank you for your recent letter to the Leader of the Opposition, the Hon Tony Abbott MHR including a copy of a DVD. Mr Abbott has asked that I reply on his behalf and I apologise for the delay in responding.
Your comments and thoughtfulness were appreciated and have been carefully noted.
Yours sincerely, Maxine Sells

Response from Bruce Billson MP
Thank you for contacting my office… regarding the issue of abortion and how those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.
May I firstly congratulate yo on raising the funds to get the video into the hands of every Federal Politician; it shows great perseverance and diligence to raise the funds for an issue you quite clearly care so much about.
I made a speech some time ago to the House of Representatives regarding abortion and the repeal of ministerial responsibility for approval of RU486. I am strongly opposed to the use of pregnancy termination as a routine form of ‘after the event’ contraception for reckless personal behaviour. Personal responsibility on the part of men and women for their sexual conduct and for the consequences of their actions must always be emphasised and encouraged.
I am happy to inform you that the number of abortions in our country has declined by 28,000 abortions over the past 16 years, despite steady population growth. To verify this, may I refer you to whose statistics are gathered from the ABS and Medicare Australia. I thoroughly welcome this trend.
Any intervention to lawfully terminate a pregnancy needs to be most carefully considered and only made available with appropriate physical and emotional support for the women involved.
I understand how truly profound the decision is to proceed with an abortion; however I believe it is a decision that should be given to the individual and to them only.
I thank you for contacting my office regarding this issue, and if you have any further issues with which you may require my assistance please, do not hesitate to contact me.
As this is largely a state legislated issue I encourage you to contact our state member for parliament; Geoff Shaw whose office is located at 140 Young Street, Frankston if you require further information in regards to this issue.
Yours Sincerely, Bruce Billson MP

Response from Senator Barnaby Joyce
I am writting in response to your letter dated 25th June 2012.
I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for taking the time to forward your concerns to me and for including a DVD for my viewing.
Once again, thank you for taking the time to correspond.
Kind Regards, Barnaby Joyce.

Response from The Hon. Philip Ruddock MP
I refer to your letter dated 25th June and thank you for sending a copy of “180”, which I shall watch with great interest.
We should always learn from history, not only to ensure we do not make the same mistakes but to also draw from the good that has been achieved and enhance on work already undertaken by those who have come before us.
Yours sincerely, Philip Ruddock

Response from Robert Oakeshott MP
Thank you for your correspondence. I appreciate you taking the time to get in touch.
Yours faithfully, Robert Oakeshott

Is faith just wishful thinking?

How is it that during life shattering trials and events we are able to remain joyful and full of faith? What is Faith and why are we able to have such faith? Many mockers of Christianity have tried to teach that faith is the opposite of confidence and knowledge, but they are 100% wrong. Faith is trust in what is certain & knowable.

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20,000 EvG DVDs arrive

After 6 months of organisation our delivery of Evolution vs God DVDs arrived, all 20,000 of them. After a lot of sweat unloading 1200kg from the truck manually, they are now ready for ordering.

They come in boxes of 280, each weighing 16kg. We only need 53 more people to buy a box and they’ll be all out.

If you have an evangelism group or local church that would be interested in ordering a box, please contact us, or order online.

Could you distribute a flyer to the churches in your local area? We will design and print the flyers, if you could just help us get them out.

EvG Photo Boxes EvG Photo DVDs

Multi-Lingual Evangelism Resources

If you have people who don’t speak english as their first language you may find these websites useful.
They have resources from Living Waters and other sources translated into many different languages.

Answers to Christianity

Save Yourself Some Pain

This article is from Living Waters and has some very useful information for new Christians.

Download: Save Yourself Some Pain