I awoke on the New Year’s morning, 
I And the same old sun still shone; 
And the same old river was flowing past, 
In the course it so long had gone ; 
And the same old sky was spreading 
Its banners of blue above ; 
And the same deaf friends were round me, 
With the same old faithful love. 
The troubles of life are changeful, 
The frost and the biting snow; 
And the clouds that darken the waking earth­
Our sorrows-they come and go: 
But the sun of the Father’s favour, 
The river of Grace Divine, 
And the changeless heaven beyond the gloom, 
Are ever and always mine. 
We greet a new year, but, brother, 
With the old, old helps we go ; 
And the God of the year that has passed away 
Is the God that we still may know. 
New path ! but the same tried Leader­
No change in our faithful Guide, 
New mountain heights and new peaks to climb,­
But the old Friend at our side.
New foes, and perhaps new battles;
But the armour still the same : 
And the two-edged sword and the old broad shield, 
And the great all-conquering Name. 
Has the sun shone bright above us ? 
The river been full and free? 
The Leader true, and the battle won ? 
Thus still shall it ever be.

  • William Luff