NO, no, master ‘Trim,’ you shall never do that; For I will defend my dear pussy-cat. You’re longing to tease her, and worry her too; But I will protect her from harm — and from you.”

Thus spoke Charley Grey, as poor puss, on his back, Sought refuge from doggie’s intended attack;

And while for defence pussy trusted in him, She suffered no harm from her enemy, “Trim.”


And so, my dear children, will Jesus befriend All those who believe Him, and on Him depend; For if in temptation we look to the Lord, Almighty He’ll prove, and his grace He’ll afford.

He came down from heaven to save us from sin; And to his bright kingdom He bids us come in. He loves little children — He died for them too; He suffered on Calvary — even for you.

 F. T. W.

A little girl was asked one day to write down what she knew about Jesus; and she put down a long list of things which she could remember, and about the middle of the list she wrote the following: “Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost; and I was one of them.”