I KNEW a little boy whose heart was touched by a sermon on the words, “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. ” My mother said to him, when she noticed that he was anxious, “Robert, what would you say to any one who knocked at the door of your heart, if you wished him to come in ?” He answered, “I would say, ‘Come in !'” She then said to him, “Then say to the Lord Jesus, ‘Come in!'”

The next morning there was a brightness and joy about Robert’s face that made my father ask, “Robert, what makes you look so glad and joyful to-day?” He replied joyfully, “I awoke in the night, and I felt that Jesus Christ was still knocking at the door of my heart for admittance. I said to Him, ‘Lord Jesus, come in!’ I think He has come into my heart. I feel happier this morning than I ever was in all my life. How ungrateful and wicked in me to keep Him waiting outside so long !”